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Day/Card 39 of 39 … Original …

There is only ONE you. There will never be another you, ever. I heard somewhere that there has been a study where scientists did the math and took into account all the natural disasters, wars, and all kinds of other things and calculated that the odds of YOU being born at the exact moment that you were born, to the exact parents you were born to, with the DNA that you have was 1 : 400,000,000,000! That’s ONE in 400 TRILLION! No joke! That is how rare and unique and special you are. One in 400 trillion!!!

For you to believe that you’re nothing or no one special is a shame! It’s a disgrace to your creator. It’s a disservice to yourself! You and only YOU can give what you have to offer to the world – all your amazingness, all your quirkiness, everything about you! Regardless if anyone has ever done the thing you desire to do, only YOU can do it your way! There are 7.8 billion people on Earth, but only one you. You’re an original!

The “Original” card shows up for you today to ask you to acknowledge everything about yourself! It asks you to not compare yourself to another because there is NO comparison. There’s no need to compete because life is not a competition! Be your own being. Love your originality! Be aware of yourself! Be at peace with who you are and know that what you have to offer us is enough!

This was the card that sealed the deal for me in my oracle card creation course with Justine Sereberin. It was the card that spoke to me the LOUDEST, and it was also the card that gave me the most feedback from Spirit. It’s the last card in my deck. I’ve enjoyed sharing them with all of you! Thank you for letting me share. If you would like a reading, please feel free to send me a DM!

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