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Day 4 of 28 Days Of Love.

You’ve heard the question. Asked, “When you are asked to name the things that you love, how long would it take to name yourself?”

For a LONG time, I know I didn’t name myself. I don’t even believe that I even thought to name myself. I would name my husband, all my children, my friends, the foods I loved, the people I worked out with, the name of my dojo, the workouts I loved … on and on and on, but no Row. 😢

How could I say I loved everyone and everything when I couldn’t even say that I loved myself? It seems hypocritical, right? To have a critical and dysfunctional relationship with your own self, and to put yourself last on the totem pole, claiming and professing love for all others except yourself.

The relationship that I had with myself was so horribly mean. I am far more harder and more critical of my own self, and I didn’t give myself any slack, but I could forgive others so quickly and cut them slack without giving a second thought.

Until my Spiritual Guide pointed it out to me in a session. Much of the pain I was harboring was the surrounded around the hatred and criticism I had for myself. It was necessary for me to forgive myself for not knowing better and to give myself permission to be happy and live my life. Slowly, with time healing came.

My advice to others … live YOUR life on your terms. Forgive yourself. And love everything about yourself. Set the example of self-love for your children. There’s nothing harder than breaking bad habits.

I give you the Holstee Manifesto. It’s an amazing manifesto to live by. No excuses. Only love. Love yourself enough to put yourself first, to be honest with yourself, to put yourself out there. There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than that!

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