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Day 5 of 28 Days of Love.

My girl doesn’t ask me for much. Simple things like an emotional support French Bull Dog that she has already named “Calliope” for her birthday, and to make a Valentine for her BFF, Angel.

I haven’t made good on the French Bully YET, but the time to make the Valentine, easy.

My Grace has had her fair share of life’s challenges and she has faced all of them with strength and determination and grace. Having a child with “Special Abilities” is challenging. It’s heartbreaking and rewarding at the same time. It’s like being on a freakin’ rollercoaster! But as challenging as it is for her dad and I, it’s my girl who’s teaching me life lessons … patience, resilience, love.

Presence … an hour to make a simple Valentine. A simple request. We made it out of red stamps, a little glue, and a lot of love. The real reward … the pride she felt, the smile on her face. That’s all I need. And my presence is what she needed from me. (Sigh.)

And now off in search of Calliope her emotional support French Bully …

Happy Weekend, Everyone! Remember to be present with those that you love.

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