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Day 28 of 28 Days Of Love!

They say that when females are born, they literally carry the eggs of future generations within them. What am I even talking about? I know. I’m NO expert when it comes to genetics, but this makes some sense so let’s see if I can explain it somehow.

When my Gramma (grandma) was born, she had within her the egg that would eventually become my mother, who would eventually (55 years later) birth me, and I would eventually go on to birth my own daughter 33 years after my own birth – 88 years post my Gramma’s own birth. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but pretend it does.

My Gramma, Filomena, was a significant figure in my life. I was her oldest grandchild, her second chance to get it right. My own mother was overwhelmed with having 4 children (she was mostly overwhelmed with me) and was more than happy to let me stay with my Gramma. I spent many summers with her when she lived in San Francisco. I would do everything with her. She would do everything for me. We were a pair and I loved her immensely.

My Gramma was so talented and creative. She played the piano. I remember her excitement of purchasing her piano. It barely fit into the tiny apartment she shared with my aunt, but she didn’t care. She played with so much passion and joy. She also had a penchant for sewing and creating clothing. I did not inherit the piano playing or sewing genes, unfortunately. She attempted to teach me both, but they were just of no interest for me when I was young. I wanted to play outside, run, bike, not play piano or sew … my brother does play the piano, and my sister sews. In hindsight, I do wish that I could play the piano and sew now, but, eh, it’s all good.

My Gramma loved me beyond measure. She taught me unconditional love, protection, prayer. She was such a funny little lady who stood about 4’8”, smelled like baby powder, who told me stories at bedtime, stayed up with my brother and I to watch scary movies, and introduced me to diary keeping and journal writing. Her personality was contagious. Her co-workers called her “Lil’ Bit” because she was this teeny, tiny woman with the heart of a lion!

My last love shoutout for My 28 Days of Love goes to my beautiful, incredible Gramma! She was the only one to always encourage me to remain brave and follow my dreams, and to do what made me happy. I love than even after her death she still finds ways to let me know she’s still beside me. I miss her so much.

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