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Day/Card 29 of 39 … Resilience …

When you’re able to get back up after life delivers you some kind of crazy, unexpected blow and knocks you down and come back even better than before … that’s called resilience.There are times in our lives when we’ll be faced with defeat, disappointments, failure, or be let down … it’s inevitable that there will be these times in our lives where we’ll feel as if it’s too much and for a period of time we won’t feel like doing anything except wallowing in our frustration, sorrow, or whatever. The thing is, we can’t stay in this place. It’s important to get back up and get back out there and get on with our lives.

Challenges in life will happen. No one is spared of life’s challenges, we’ll all experience something that’s meant for us to grow from. Challenges arise to help in our evolving as a Soul. What helps us to deal with the stuff that life throws at us is resilience. There are several ways to build resilience. It’s not just a matter of “getting over it.” Building resilience is like building muscle, you have to work at it. Having faith. Reaching out to others. Looking at the situation from a different perspective. Keeping physically healthy. Talking it out. Having patience. Meditating. Praying.

The “Resilience” card comes to you today to remind you that you are capable of far more than you believe yourself to be. The very fact that you’re here today is proof that up until now, you have survived some hard things in life. Life is unpredictable and it will forever be filled with challenges. It’s important to feel what you’re feeling, learn from the difficulty, and to move forward. Resilience reminds you to be even a little bit optimistic and to remember that you are always guided and protected by a Higher power!


Day/Card 28 of 39 … Adventure …

When I think of an adventure, I think of an exciting experience that is a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking. Something that requires bravery and some really big you know, ⚾️⚽️s! With any adventure there’s sense of fear and excitement of the unknown. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.

This is life, yes? One great big adventure! Experiencing things you haven’t yet done, meeting new people, going to new places, eating new foods. To have an adventurous spirit is to embrace the unknowns, to be brave enough to venture out outside of your comfort zone, and to be afraid but excited. But so many people become complacent and get comfortable with the same routine and make excuses as to why they’re not able to do it. They’ve lost their sense of adventure, their childlike spirit!

The “Adventure” card is about finding your adventurous spirit! It asks you to stop making excuses, get out of your comfort zone, and follow your highest excitements! Life is about experiences and doing things you don’t normally do. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it can be something as simple as trying a new restaurant, or eating dinner alone. Start small. If you’re afraid, be afraid and do the thing anyway because what you’ll find is your confidence, your joy, your happy spirit! This is life and living! Go find your adventure! Go find your joy!


Day/Card 27 of 39 … Intuition …

You know this feeling. Your “gut instinct.” It’s an innate knowing to the answer of a situation without any specifics or evidence – you just know! You don’t have to think about it, or ask any questions, you just know.

Your intuition is how your Spirit, your Soul communicates with you. It’s like your internal GPS. Your Soul is able to guide you in every way and is able to help you with any issue, problem, dilemma, big or small. You have access to this, you just have to tap into it.

If you’re wondering how you would know … well, it’s truly a gut feeling. It starts deep within you as a feeling within the core of your body that only you can experience. No one else can really tell you, and that’s why it’s so important to keep in touch with your inner self, your Soul by taking time to meditate or pray or breathe. It makes the process of accessing your intuition that much easier.

The “Intuition” card asks you to stop seeking answers outside of yourself and to tap into that part of you that knows. It asks you to take the time to meditate, breathe, pray, write so you are able to clearly know without question. It asks you to practice tapping into this part of you everyday, to play with it, have fun with it. Let go of self-doubt and trust yourself! Your intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it, the better developed it gets!


Day/Card 26 of 39 … Emerge …

For years – YEARS – I’ve remained hidden. Quietly living my life, working, doing my own thing, raising my children, comfortably and happily in the confines of my own home and with the people I love the most. I dubbed myself “anti-social” and really, just kept to myself, blending into the wallpaper, camouflaging myself, inconspicuous. Calling attention to myself only meant asking for trouble so it was always better to stay disappear and stay hidden.

I always thought I was doing a good job hiding except on more than one occasion, someone would mention how even though I was small in stature, that my Soul, my Spirit deemed and revealed otherwise … Here I was thinking I was well hidden, but my own Spirit/Soul was out there making me out big as day! Thanks a lot, Spirit, for calling me out and giving me away!

That’s the thing, you really can’t hide. Your Soul knows and it will continue to call attention to you unbeknownst to your human self! That’s why the “Emerge” card comes to you today, to ask you to break out of your shell, out of your cocoon and to come into full view for everyone to see and bask in your glory! It asks you to get out of your own way, to expose your greatness, and unveil your beauty! It asks you to now be conspicuous and clearly visible because the world needs you!


Day/Card 25 of 39 … Radiate …

When you radiate you emit your own energy, sending out your personal waves and rays, your own personal vibration! It’s the energy generated by your own inner-self, your Soulful self, your Soul! Your energy IS palpable – others are able to feel whatever your vibe is that you emit.

Your inner light is your birthright! It’s your innate essence! You are a luminous light and the outer light that you radiate reflects your inner world and is able to be seen and felt by all! Your light flickers, dances, blazes, or fades depending how you show up.

The “Radiate” card comes to you today to remind you to open yourself up to the infinite light of the Universe! Remember that you are a spark of Divine Creation and love – how cool is that? Check your vibe! By shining your light, you light the path for others and allow them to also be proud to shine their own light! Never be afraid to shine your light! Remember that the sun does t care if it burns anyone, it just shines in all its glory for everyone to see and enjoy!


Day/Card 22 of 39 … Gratitude …

Gratitude. We are frequently asked to give gratitude for everything. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you think about it, are you truly grateful? Or do you just go through the list of platitudes? Are you placating a generic list? Are you thankful for not for the things you get, but also for the little things you give no second thought about? Your breath & your ability to breathe. Clean air. Walking. Home cooked meals. Shining stars. The warmth of the sun. Little, inconsequential things we take for granted.

Gratitude practiced daily, can shift your perspective on everything you experience in life. Along with that shift, practicing gratitude adds more joy and appreciation to what you do experience, as well as aligning and opening you up to the divine flow of abundance!

The “Gratitude” card, shows up for you today, to take a moment to notice and acknowledge the little things around you and to give thanks for little things you would normally take for granted. Your relationships. Your ability to see. Playing with your child. A random smile by a random stranger. Life! Giving gratitude bestows more things for you to be grateful for!


Day/Card 24 of 39 … Flow …

Life should never feel “forced.” Life should move smoothly, unforced. When you are in flow, you allow yourself to be centered in your consciousness and allow your life to unfold around your Soulful Self, rather than your human self.

When you are in flow, you trust your intuition and your Soulful self. You trust the direction and unfolding of your life, and believe that you are being led to your Highest, Best Self. You get into flow by doing things that light you up, things that YOU love, by following and doing the things that excite you!

The “Flow” card comes to you today to ask you to release the white knuckle grip you have on your life as you try to control its direction. Remember that forcing leads to unhappiness, lack of meaning, struggle, & failure. If you have to force it, leave it. Relax. Trust. Let go of the life you planned & accept the life that is waiting for you!


Day/Card 23 of 39 … Ascend …

To ascend is to go or move upward. To rise. The act of moving to a higher or more powerful position. To ascend as a human, is to reconnect to your soul, to realign with your Divine, Highest, Best self. It doesn’t mean that your physical body rises up towards the heavens, or that you have to to experience death to ascend, rather, to me, it’s more of bringing Heaven down to Earth.

I know, this is sounding crazy. Too much. To ascend while you’re here on Earth, alive, is about evolving your human consciousness by awakening your heart, and spirit, and your inner knowing.

The “Ascend” card is a special card. You are being asked to level up and to take the next steps on your own evolution. Note it’s purple color. It’s my favorite color! Of all colors, purple has a very high vibration frequency. The combination of blue and red which make purple, helps to promote our spiritual growth, imagination, creativity, love, and is known to be associated with transformation. The Ascend card asks you to quietly sit and to breathe in your divine knowing. Make the intention to connect with your Highest and Best Self and ask it to remove or transmute anything and everything standing in the way or blocking you from ascending. Imagine the color purple surrounding you, enveloping you, eventually turning into a white, loving, healing light connecting you with the Divine, showing you a your own light, and illuminating your path before you for your Highest Good, and for the highest good of all.


Day/Card 21 of 39 … Self-Love …

Self-love is such a challenging concept to grasp. As women, most times we put others before ourselves, at times compromising ourselves to make sure everyone else is taken care of first. It can seem conceited and selfish, but here’s the thing … before we became wives, mothers, co-workers, etc., we were ourselves first. We are always ourselves first, nothing has changed about that except our outlook of putting the needs of everyone else first.

When we constantly give, give, give and take nothing for ourselves, at the end of the day what’s left? When our children see us giving to everyone else first, what are we inevitably teaching them? To forsake themselves? Would you seriously want that for them? What examples are you setting when you allow your health to slide, your mental well-being to take a backseat, or putting your passions on hold?When you deplete yourself and don’t take the time to replenish yourself, are you truly giving them the best of you? No. What they get is someone who is tired, unhappy, cranky, hangry … you get the picture.

When you give to yourself first – taking an hour to exercise, eat well, read the trash novels you enjoy, paint, get a massage, do things that YOU love – you fill yourself up, and your people get a better version of you. You set better examples for your children, especially your daughter. You’re happier, rejuvenated, and you will be better equipped to take on the challenges of your day. Just because you get married and have kids doesn’t mean that you as a person gets put on hold. Men, this includes you also as I know a few of you who are in a similar boat and constantly feel a need to provide for others before yourself!

The “Self-Love” card asks you to take a look at yourself & to begin making your self a priority instead of an after thought! Stop making excuses as to why you can’t! Life flows easier when you’re coming from a place of happiness rather than when your tired, etc. Studies have shown that women (& men) who prioritize themselves are better parents, productive employees, happier individuals in general. Taking 30 minutes to and hour a day is less than 1% of a 24 hour day! You’re NOT neglecting your children by doing this, and there should be no guilt for taking this time for you! Love yourself enough to do this and watch your life expand!


Day/Card 20 of 39 … Alignment …

Aaaahhhhh … Alignment! When everything appears to line up and flow with ease and grace. It’s a connection to something bigger than yourself, a higher power, to Source. Maybe for you that’s God, or The Universe. It’s trusting that everything is happening for your good. Synchronicities seem to occur frequently and ease.

Alignment is essentially you in your beautiful human form, connecting to you in your magnificent Spirit/Soul form as you forge your way on your life’s path here on Earth, or your destiny. Whew! That’s a lot of “woo-woo.” Life appears easier, you don’t have to have anything figured out. When you’re not in alignment, you feel “off” or stuck. There’s a feeling of disconnection, depression, or anxiety. You might feel as if you’re forcing life, instead of flowing. Life feels hard when you’re not in alignment.

The easiest ways to get into alignment? For one, Gratitude! The more you appreciate what you have in your life, the more you will receive. There must also be the belief that Your God/The Universe desires for you to be happy, and that it’s keeping you safe and protected. Meditation also helps to connect with source. And get excited! Life does feel easier when you operate from a state of joy and happiness! Laugh! Play! These are just a few ways to get into alignment.

The “Alignment” card reminds you that you’re never far away from your connection to Source, and to the abundance and goodness of the Universe which is our birthright! Take time to jot down what you are grateful for every day. Giving thanks gives you more things to be thankful for. Acknowledge your God/ the Universe. Meditate a few minutes daily to connect with yourself. Lastly, take time to laugh, and play, and get excited about your life and watch just how fast alignment happens for you!